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To Flexx or Not to Flex Your Neck!

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You are probably sitting somewhere right now as you read this article. Hopefully, you are sitting up straight with your shoulders back—although if you're not, that's okay too. Now, look down and observe the state of your neck. Is it flexing?

Most people don’t regularly think about the importance of neck health. Neck pain is one of the major musculoskeletal disorders that affects adults. Over thirty million Americans suffer from neck pain each year. The average lifestyle—especially at work—encourages people to stay in the same position for long periods of time, and this can cause our necks to ache from poor posture, slouching, and holding our necks in unnatural positions. The bones, vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles in your neck support your head and allow for movement. Any abnormalities, inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain or

Take a look at the 5 commonly reported symptoms of neck pain:

  1. Headache - Pain that begins in the neck and produces a headache. This type of neck pain coupled with a headache, is often times linked to symptoms of a migraine headache.
  2. Stiffness - A decreased range of motion in which pain radiates to the arms, shoulders, or upper back.
  3. Sharp pain - A sharp, sometimes shooting pain in at least one portion of the neck. This pain is often explained as knives, pinpricks, tingling or a pinching sensation in the neck.
  4. Numbness/radiating pain - Pain that extends beyond your neck and radiates down to your shoulders, arms, and fingers. If the pain involves a compressed nerve, then a feeling of numbness, tingling and weakness in either the arms or hands typically occurs.
  5. Pain when moving - Neck pain that gets worse with side to side or up and down movement, twisting or extension of the spine.

While most people suffer through their neck pain using over the counter medication for relief, it’s extremely important to seek effective treatment. Fortunately, chiropractic care can effectively reduce, or even eliminate, your neck pain. The practitioners at Flexx are very knowledgeable about the anatomy of the neck, spine and nervous system. They specialize in treating the root cause of your pain and not just the symptoms – to properly realign your spine and strengthen your neck.

Neck pain can range from mild to severe. Acute neck pain lasts for only a couple of days or weeks, while chronic neck pain may last for years. Moderate neck pain may not interfere much with your activities or daily living, but severe pain may lead to disability.


Although you may have been suffering with neck pain and dealing with this unpleasant annoyance, know that chiropractic treatment can help reduce its occurrence and severity. It is a gentle, non-invasive approach that can deliver life altering results. Flexx Chiropractic uses healthy, evidence-based treatment and techniques for reducing neck pain. The treatment of your neck pain includes an in-depth analysis of your spine and neck area looking for misalignment's and/or stiff joints. A series of targeted adjustments, spinal manipulations, massage therapy and daily exercise recommendations from the doctors at Flexx help realign you and get you back to feeling like a better you. Chiropractic treatment is not just limited to pain. In order for your body to function at its fullest potential, a healthy spine is key. There are many benefits associated with a regular chiropractic care plan, including an improved range of motion, less nagging pain, and a greater ease of function. When you feel better on the inside, you’ll feel better on the outside! Give your body what it needs to be free from pain by scheduling an appointment today.

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