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Mission, Vision, & Core Values

At FLEXX, we are revolutionizing healthcare in Columbus, MS, and beyond. Our mission is to empower individuals to heal their bodies and restore function without reliance on drugs or unnecessary surgeries. Through our integrated approach, combining the expertise of chiropractors, rehab technicians, and case managers we address the root causes of pain with precision and care. Our goal is to transform 10,000 lives by 2030 through our network of clinics, where our dedicated team strives not just for healing, but for inspiring change in healthcare. We stand for empowerment, accountability, alignment, transparency, discipline, and results – because at FLEXX, we don't just treat symptoms, we change lives.
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Dr. Shana Thomas - Owner / Founder

Dr. Shana Thomas - Owner / Founder

With a unique blend of expertise in biochemistry and nutrition, Dr. Thomas embarked on a transformative journey that led her from the hallways of Southeastern Louisiana University to the renowned chiropractic institutions of Life University in Atlanta, Ga, and Sherman College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. At Sherman, she delved into the intricacies of the Activator Method technique, a groundbreaking instrument style of spinal manipulation. Her quest for mastery didn't stop there; she relocated to Phoenix, AZ to train under one of the very inventors of this revolutionary method.
In Columbus, MS, she joined Saum Chiropractic Clinic as an associate, and her tireless efforts led to the achievement of an Advanced Proficiency Rating in Activator Methods. She later ascended to the prestigious rank of Instructor. Then, in January 2017, Dr. Thomas's vision took a bold new direction. She took the reins of the practice and rebranded it as Flexx Chiropractic, with a mission to enhance the well-being of the community through leadership, excellence, and heartfelt patient care. Under her visionary guidance, the clinic is now transforming from a traditional chiropractic center into an integrated medical clinic known as Flex Integrated Medical, reflecting her commitment to a more holistic and collaborative approach to health.
Dr. Thomas's impact goes beyond her practice. A true community leader, she has served on the Link Young Professionals board, graduated from Leadership Lowndes County in 2011, and actively participated in a myriad of civic organizations and community events. Her passion for life extends into her leisure time, where she finds joy in the company of her family, the adventure of travel, the stimulation of reading, and the fulfillment of volunteering in the community. Her story is a testament to her dedication to her craft, her patients, and her community at large, and her ongoing transformation of Flexx underscores her innovative approach to healthcare.

Zach Thomas - Marketing Manager

Zach, a proud Mississippi native, brings not only professional experience but also a heartfelt dedication to service as the Marketing Manager at Flexx. Raised in the Mississippi Delta and honored as an Eagle Scout, Zach's commitment to the community began early. He continued his education at the University of Southern Mississippi, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, focusing on Marketing. Upon graduation, Zach's career quickly flourished, first ascending in a fast-paced consumer finance company in Mississippi, then in banking, where he managed sales and operations in multiple branches throughout his stint. In 2018, Zach joined Flexx as a  Practice Representative, driven by a mission to not only contribute to the growth of the practice but to significantly impact the community. His unique understanding of the body, paired with his belief in the transformative power of integrated, functional medicine, fuels his eagerness to foster a collaborative healthcare approach.
In his leisure time, Zach enjoys the simple pleasures of music, sports, and the
outdoors, sharing these joys with his wife, daughter, parents, and pets. He also invests his time in volunteer opportunities. Zach’s blend of professional acumen and genuine passion for community service make him an essential pillar at Flexx, where he's not merely doing a job but making a difference.
Zach Thomas - Marketing Manager
Javonte Ellis - Medical Assistant

Javonte Ellis - Physical Rehab Tech

Javonte, a native of the small town of Columbus, MS, is a graduate of New Hope High School and The University of Alabama. Earning a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from UA, he cultivated a deep understanding of human movement and a commitment to community well-being. His education has fueled a determination to make a significant difference at Flexx Integrated Medical. In his role, he intends to excel while building his skillset in functional medicine while working with a team of medical professionals.

Shawn Moffat - Case Manager

Shawn is a Case Manager with 10 years of experience in sales and customer service, demonstrating excellence in patient relations. He holds an Associate's Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries, informing his unique approach to his role. His expertise in sales strategies, relationship-building, and problem-solving ensures effective case management and patient satisfaction. Shawn's ability to tailor solutions to patient needs sets him apart in his field. His interest in sports, including soccer and Disc Golf, enhances his professional focus on teamwork and goal-oriented service.
Shawn may be contacted at shawn@flexxchiropractic.com or (662) 327-6586. His distinctive educational background and commitment to excellence enable him to provide exceptional patient care in case management.
Shawn Moffat - Case Manager
Flexx Columbus

Bianca Poekhan - Front Desk Receptionist

Bianca serves as the front desk receptionist at Flexx Integrated Medical, where she handles payments, appointment preparation, scheduling, and patient
communication. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia in
2017 with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, Bianca spent four years teaching in Georgia and Florida. Her responsibilities included crafting lesson plans for diverse classrooms and communicating effectively with team members and parents. At Flexx, she is eager to leverage her leadership and educational skills to enlighten patients about the benefits of an integrated approach to care.

Sydney Smith - Office Coordinator

Sydney holds the position of Office Coordinator at Flexx Integrated Health, where she focuses on optimizing office efficiency through maintaining patient flow, training new hires, and managing daily operations. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Alabama in December 2022, she earned her Bachelors in Psychology with minors in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Sydney's academic journey includes participation in research studies on social media's implicit associations and the correlation between classroom seat selection and academic success. Previously, she facilitated a summer camp for underprivileged youth, leading various activities.
Sydney also has seven years of volunteer experience with Outreach Outdoors, a
hunting ministry, where she coordinated events and managed social media,
contributing to their mission of spiritual education. Her hobbies include devotionals, art projects, and developing a podcast. Sydney's enthusiasm for community service, coupled with her diverse experiences, prepares her to make a valuable impact at Flexx.
Sydney Smith - Office Coordinator
Flexx Chiropractic

FLEXX: Elevating Health, Transforming Communities

At FLEXX, our commitment to fostering well-being extends beyond the walls of our clinic. With every new patient embarking on their journey to wellness, we embark on a mission to give back to our community. It's not just about adjustments and alignments; it's about creating a positive ripple effect that touches lives. We believe that a healthy community thrives together, and that's why we're dedicated to making a difference.
Our recent partnership with the Dream Center Golden Triangle has been a beacon of our commitment to community transformation. Together, we've raised over $60,000 to support their vital work. However, our involvement goes beyond financial contributions. We've dedicated over 1,000 hours of our time to assist in building and placing beds for the Bedz 4 Kidz program, amplifying the Dream Center's efforts to provide comfort and care to those in need. We've also extended our helping hand to provide essential supplies – diapers, coats, pillows, hygiene products, and cereal – because we understand that holistic well-being encompasses both physical and emotional support.
Dream Center Golden Triangle's mission resonates deeply with our values. As they work tirelessly to address the core challenges within our community, we stand beside them, crossing denominational and cultural borders. Just as the Dream Center seeks to bring lasting change to Northeast Mississippi, we too aim to create a legacy of health, hope, and positivity.
At FLEXX, we're not just adjusting spines; we're realigning communities. Our journey is one of empowerment, transformation, and shared well-being. Together, let's continue to make waves of positive change, embracing the true essence of a thriving, united community.

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